Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Celebration of Beautiful Red Rosaries

I thought this month would be a fine time to share the great variety of beautiful red beads used in antique rosaries. Many Victorian aged rosaries have the deep red glass beads made to resemble garnets, while others of this time are accented with gorgeous and rare natural Mediterranean coral that has a more salmon tone. There are even antique beads composed of a man-made material called bois durci that used sawdust and various other materials. The story goes that the reddish color of these beads is from the addition of blood as a binder.

Although at Valentine's Day and other times throughout the year, red symbolizes love, it can also symbolize blood and even war. This is not the case with rosaries, though, as red rosaries were produced primarily for aesthetic purposes- some people prefer colored beads rather than wood beads. There are rare chaplets where the color red symbolizes the blood of Christ- such as the The Precious Blood chaplet.

Enjoy these stunning red antique rosaries in a variety of materials- all found on The Sacred Bead. I also added some lovely Mother of Pearl rosaries to provide a contrast to the red. The incredible way that MOP catches the light is a wonder for the eyes.

 Extremely rare carnelian beads with sterling- antique French rosary from the mid-1800s.
 Beautiful rosary from Lourdes France with faceted red glass beads.
 Victorian Era Red Glass Rosary.
 Precious Mediterranean natural sea coral and mother of pearl rosary. Coral was believed to have protective qualities and was extremely popular during the Victorian period.
 1800s rosary with bois durci beads.
 A fabulous 1800s very large Mother of Pearl Rosary with MOP and silver crucifix.
 Mother of Pearl with a warmer tone- beautiful hand cut beads and a delicate fleur de lis crucifix
 Lovely garnet colored glass beads on a sweet, antique rosary.
 Mother of Pearl Cross- quite rare!
Fabulous garnet colored cut glass with incredibly detailed sterling crucifix and center- a stunning rosary from the 1800s.
 Beautiful French antique rosary with natural coral beads.
 These are deep red glass Prosser beads- an inventive new type of bead made in a mold and used extensively as trade beads.
 Gorgeous strung Bavarian rosary with opaque glass beads that resemble coral.
 Sweet 1800s hand cut mother of pearl rosary with MOP center and cross.
Very unusual bright red 1800s antique rosary with Prosser beads and the original old brass case. Could have accompanied pioneers as they headed west.