Antique and Vintage Rosaries on The Sacred Bead, A Brief Overview

All of my antique and vintage rosaries are used and loved and therefore may show some wear. Some old rosaries are very delicate and may not be suitable for daily use. I will alert you in a rosary's description if the rosary should be treated with special care. Many antique rosaries have had a long life and they are ready to just be admired for their age and beauty, perhaps framing them or just keeping them safe in a special place. It is becoming harder and harder to find old rosaries and each one needs to be treasured! My divisions of "antique" and "vintage" at The Sacred Bead are rather arbitrary. 19th and early 20th century rosaries are in the "antique" category. Mid to late 20th century rosaries are found under "vintage". I have seen rosaries as new as the 1980s decribed as antiques, you won't find this on my website!

It is frequently difficult to tell exactly how old a rosary is- there are certain style components that suggest their age but unless one is dated it may be impossible to tell the exact age. Many antique rosaries have undergone changes, beads and crucifixes have been replaced, rather than taking away from the rosary, this often makes them a more special object of devotion. If you are looking for a rosary for daily use I would suggest looking in the "vintage" or "designer" section but many of the antique rosaries are very sturdy and have years and years of use left.

Designer rosaries on The Sacred Bead are new, in the beaded style. They are strung on the best flexible nylon coated jewelry wire. The centers and crucifixes are sterling silver or bronze and are hand cast from antiques. The silver is unmarked but is sterling. There may occasionaly be a rosary in the designer section that uses vintage or antique findings - I will note this in the description. Thank you again for visiting my site and I sincerely hope you find just the right rosary!