Sunday, October 9, 2011

Plenty of Moderately Priced Antique Rosaries on The Sacred Bead

As the Holiday Season approaches, many people are starting their search for just the right Christmas gifts. Antique and vintage rosaries make a fantastic gift for those who appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship and the beauty of rosaries that have been lovingly prayed on for decades. 
With the economy as it is, I have been concentrating on bringing many more moderately priced rosaries to The Sacred Bead. You'll still find some incredible and rare rosaries, but also plenty to fit any budget! Here is just a sampling of the most recent additions to The Sacred Bead. Don't forget that buying an antique or vintage rosary is an ecologically sound choice. These rosaries already exist- you are saving energy and resources every time you purchase and antique or vintage item rather than a new one.

 Lovely Faceted Crystal and Deep Blue Enamel Antique French Rosary. Antiques page 4
 Fabulous Amethyst Crystal (glass that resembles amethyst) with Extra Medals Antiques page 20
 Rare Handmade French Nun's Rosary from Quebec Antiques page 15
 Incredible Italian Art Glass Rosary Antiques page 7
 Lovely Antique French Rosary with Deep Garnet Glass Beads   Antiques page 25
 Art Deco Mother of Pearl Rosary with White Enamel Accents  Antiques page 33
 Antique French Rosary with Art Glass Beads and Extra Medals  Antiques p 20
 Beautiful Victorian Metal Rosary w Highly Detailed Crucifix Antiques page 21
Antique Rosary with Crystal Beads and Fancy Spacers   Antiques page 10

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