Sunday, January 15, 2012

An Extremely Rare Colored Civelli Rosary

This beautiful and quite rare Civelli rosary was spotted on eBay. The owner kindly gave me permission to share this incredible example of the well-loved Civelli rosaries with the world. I have tried to research when the colored versions were produced (the original patent does not mention color) and have had no luck so far. The original 1950 Holy Year issue had the Holy Spirit on the center rather than the Regina Pacis, Queen of Peace, center with relic soil from the Catacombs of Rome on the reverse. About 10 years ago I saw a bundle of colored Civellis offered for sale, and although I can't remember for sure, I believe there were orange and green ones also. These had come from a closed church- the priest apparently gave the rosaries as special gifts. Even the more common black and white Civellis have a range of colorings- some a warmer tone, while others are starkly black and white.

I also came across an interesting tidbit from a 1952 newspaper, just a little notice making people aware of the Civelli rosary. The cost was listed as $5!

Here are the pictures of this gorgeous red Civelli rosary. The rosary is in a private collection.

 The reverse of the crucifix is similar to other later issue Civelli rosaries. The reverse of the 1950 Holy Year original version has a more detailed reverse complete with a shield.
 Soil from the Catacombs of Rome in the reverse of the center. Even in the very worn Civellis, this little relic compartment is always intact. The tag below says Marque Depose which is the European version of registered trademark.


  1. stunningly gorgeous ! Thanks for sharing...

  2. Back on the market in case you or anyone is interested.

  3. Are any Civelli Rosary's available for sale? I see this is an old post

  4. Are any Civelli Rosary's available for sale? I see this is an old post