Saturday, February 19, 2011

Religious Medals on Antique Rosaries

Frequently, rosaries from the French influenced areas of Canada and throughout Europe have a variety of religious medals attached. Dating back centuries, the practice of attaching medals obtained during various religious pilgrimages proliferated in Europe and continues to today. Enjoy some pictures of antique rosaries with attached medals from Canada and Europe that are currently on The Sacred Bead. The Miraculous Medal is, without a doubt, the most commonly added medal found on rosaries.
Note the use of antique aluminum medals on this 15 decade antique rosary.
An Irish Horn rosary with an attached Miraculous Medal.
Art glass beads and a beautiful blue enamel medal of Mary grace this exquisite antique rosary.

An exceptional 15 decade rosary from a convent in Belgium. Note the carved skull bead on the rosary. Now in a private collection.
This incredible bronze medal of St. Franscis is on a Fransiscan Crown rosary also in a private collection.
Lovely crystal and sterling rosary with several pretty medals attached.